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Main Austrian legal databases

RIS Rechtsinformationssystem des Bundes

Official legal information system: federal norms, federal provinces norms, court decisions; as application also RDB  (freely available without RDB and EUR-Lex)
RIS:App       available since April 2012

RDB Die Rechtsdatenbank wo MANZ findet

Manz and other 30 publisher’s legal information system
About 69 journals and 19 case reporters, 3 indices, 25 commentaries and handbooks
Statutes (RIS), judgements
Since 1st January 2005 without LexisNexis® journals
Apps: news (Jusaktuell App, SteuerExpress App), journals (ecolex App, OJZ App etc.)  (fees; search free)
Newsletter (RSS feeds)


Specialised in economic law, labour law and tax law
Recht Online, ARD Online, Steuerrecht Online, Rechnungswesen Online
About 23 journals (Orac + Springer), about 45 commentaries and handbooks, Austrian law (Kodex), judgments
On-line products of Verlag Österreich
Apps: LexisNexis® Online – Die App, KODEX – Die App, LexisNexis® Newsmonitor – Recht to go (fees)


Specialised in tax law, labour law and economic law
Apps: KODEX – Die App, Lindeonline-App, SteuerSparApp (fees)

Verlag Österreich



Norms, court decisions, bibliographic references to literature; special services like land register, commercial register, templates (fees for special services only)


Start: May 2005 in Switzerland, then Germany and AustriaIntends to be a pan-European platform for legal information
National and European norms, case-law and doctrine; dependent on co-operation with legal publishers (fees)

(to be extended)